Man frustrated with potholes leaves threatening voicemail for police

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WENTZVILLE, MO - A St. Charles County man upset about potholes took his frustration to an illegal level.

Wentzville Police said that on April 22, Cameron Forister left a voicemail complaining that the city is wasting taxpayer money.

“He was pretty upset about the lack of repair to potholes in the city,” said Officer Jacob Schmidt.

Police said Forister then proceeded to end the voicemail with a threatening statement.

“There was a reference to blowing up the building,” Schmidt continued, “so it’s one of those things that we take pretty seriously.”

Forister spoke briefly over the phone with us but declined to be interviewed about the incident.

Our crew drove around looking for potholes near Pitman Avenue where Forister told Fox 2 he currently resides but we didn’t see any, immediately.

“I completely understand his frustration,” said Schmidt. “I mean potholes are a part of the streets in the Midwest where you live in the freezing in the thaw and the salt and the city takes a very aggressive approach.”

Some residents said they don’t see a problem.

“I don’t notice many potholes,” said Matt Voss. “I’m sure there are some and they are pretty easily fixed. A pothole can knock your car out of line so he’s probably upset about that by he probably should slow down.”

Police charged Forister with third-degree terrorist threat. His arraignment is set for August 7th.

We reached out to the city asking about how and when it addresses pothole issues and we were told:

“The City routinely addresses pothole issues proactively through staff and resident initiated concerns. In addition, we have a slab-replacement program that allocates $2.6 million annually for these and other projects. We also regularly share information about these projects on our website, in our City newsletter and through social media outlets to keep our residents in the loop.”

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