Woman claims store is selling realistic weapons to minors

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. - Some Woodson Terrace residents are concerned with what a local Dollar General Store is selling to kids in the area.

Residents say the store is selling The Equalizers Responder 911 airsoft pistol BB guns which look like real handguns.

A St. Louis woman, Vera Gray, walked into this Dollar General Store on Woodson Road on Sunday and noticed two young teenagers purchasing an airsoft pistol called The Equalizer. She claims she saw these young teens buying this BB gun without an ID. Her concern is that it looks like a real weapon.

"I questioned them about their age. These guys said they were 13 and 16 years old. I could not believe they sold BB guns to these guys," said Gray.

The package includes 70 BBs and costs $15.95. When put next to a police officer's gun, police say the BB gun looks real.

"If you arrived on the scene and someone had that and pointed that at us we would believe that that is a real gun," said Sgt. Rob Kolber.

“A gun is a gun and police can’t determine if it`s a real gun or BB gun," said Rosemary Batteast.

The bottom of the package has a warning that says sales are restricted to adults only, 18 years of age or older, and proof of age is required at the moment of the purchase.

The packaging claims sales personnel will check picture ID prior to sale, but according to Gray, that did not happen in this case and the boys were able to purchase the airsoft guns.

"If this gets in the wrong child’s hands, that can be viewed as a weapon or an adult that had one. I don`t see how anybody passing by you, if they are on foot or vehicle, would be able to tell that it's not a real gun," said Sgt. Kolber.

A representative from the Dollar General Corporate Office sent this statement:

“Dollar General prohibits the sale of certain toy guns to customers under the age of 18. When an infraction of this policy is alleged, we take this very seriously.  We intend to thoroughly investigate this matter.

Dollar General will continue to work with its store teams to ensure that the company’s policies regarding the sale of all age-restricted merchandise are clearly understood and implemented.”

Our Fox 2 crew also went to several Dollar General Stores to purchase the BB gun. Two stores asked for ID and one did not.

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