Thief caught on camera stealing donation jar

WENTZVILLE, MO – A thief breaks into a Wentzville liquor store to steal their donation jar and it’s all caught on camera.

“A rock the size of a brick was thrown in. In fact, when you look right here, this is where it landed," explains General Manager Nimesh Bhakta.

The suspect runs through the broken glass door at the Hawks Nest Package Liquor and Convenience Store on Luetkenhaus Road just before midnight on Tuesday. He makes a beeline for the donation jar sitting on the counter, snatches it, then darts back out of the store all in a matter of seconds.

Store general manager Nimesh Nhakta started the fundraiser to put on a community picnic.

“No more than maybe 35-40 bucks. It’s what the community has gathered over a week span that’s what was taken," he says.

Bhakta says this cruel crook isn’t going to stop him from giving back to the community that’s supported his business thought out the years, so he’s going to put out another donation jar and pitch in the first few bucks.

“I think the more people become aware of it they'll pitch in and support this event. And, I told people in the community we might do this on a yearly basis," he says.

If you have any information about this crime contact Wentzville Police Department at 636-639-2149.