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Two charged with threatening witnesses in St. Louis murder trial

ST. LOUIS, MO — Two men are charged with tampering with a victim and witness in a St. Louis city murder.   Larry Strickland, 31 and Anthony D. Demyers, 33, face the witness intimidation charges in connection with the murder of Gentrail Wafford.

Court documents say that two gunmen identified as Terrance Williams and Brandon Cross shot and killed Gentrail Wafford during a robbery attempt in the 1400 block of Desoto on June 8, 2017.  Wafford pulled out his gun to defend Roderick Silinzy, but was killed in the shootout.

Terrance Williams, 29, was charged in July 2017 for Gentrail Wafford's murder.  The Circuit Attorney's Office says that investigators started to listen to his jail calls after the death of Roderick Silinzy.  He was a cooperating witness in the murder case against Williams.  He died from gunshot wounds after his car crashed into an abandoned building in May 2018.

Investigators learned that Williams was relaying the identities of cooperating witnesses in his murder trial to Strickland.  They say he got that information through paperwork obtained by his co-defendant Brandon Cross.  Strickland and Demyers allegedly worked together to dissuade Silinzy, and the two other witnesses from cooperating in the prosecution of Williams and Cross.

A cooperating witness told investigators that a “hit” placed on both Silinzy and him/her. Court documents say that the timing of the "hit” was put after Brandon Cross received some paperwork from his attorney in May.   Investigators say Williams mailed the report to Demyers. He highlighted portions of the report identifying the witnesses. The plan was for Demyers and Strickland to know exactly who was cooperating with police/prosecutors.

The two people targeted by Strickland and Demyers were cooperating witness in the murder case against Williams. Neither of these witnesses are being identified to protect their safety.