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Fellow cab driver remembers slain colleague as a hard worker

ST. LOUIS - A Laclede Cab driver is being remembered after he was murdered Monday.

The body of 66-year-old Boris Louioukine was found in the 2500 block of Dodier around 9:35 p.m. He was unconscious and not breathing. He was bleeding from the back of his head from a puncture wound.

His Laclede cab was found the next morning in the 10000 block of Duke Drive in the Castle Point neighborhood.

A Laclede Cab colleague Robert Glynn said Boris was one of a kind.

“Hardworking. He did what the company wanted him to do. He served the public. Went where drivers wouldn’t go,” he said.

Laclede Cabs have monitoring devices in them. Boris picked up and dropped off according to schedule. Then his computing device was destroyed. Glynn said Boris was working 10-hour overnight shifts to make as much money as he could to support his son and grandson.

“We have a bulletin board with comments from passengers get posted on and Boris' name was up there a lot," Glynn said. Very good comments.”

St. Louis police have been handling the investigation, but have no suspects in custody.

Glynn said he hasn’t heard if Boris died during a robbery or gang induction type of thing. He just can’t believe the driver is gone.

“He was a cab driver. I just drive a cab. There's a big difference,” he said.

Glynn also said Louioukine would never shy away from a ride. He was working harder and longer than most. He said he wants justice for a good man who was taken from his family.

“I think every cab driver in fleet knows Boris, so he'll be missed," Glynn said.