St. Charles restaurant and bar owners concerned over proposed alcohol ordinance

ST. CHARLES-  Bar owners on North Main Street would be forced to stop serving alcohol at 11p.m. They are coming up with recommendations to give to the city council by Friday, June 29

Mark Lovelace owns Kubricks Bar on Main Street. He says bar owners and city employees have been brainstorming about how to have a responsible bar scene in downtown St Charles.

The goal is to keep customers coming and avoid rowdiness or problems. Some of the ideas are setting price minimums on drinks and mandating later food sales.

They have also talked about the idea of charging for parking after 9p.m. or adding a licensing fee for businesses that want to serve alcohol past 11p.m.

Lovelace says most of the problems take place on the streets or in the parking lots so he would like to see a community security force, similar to what they have in the central west end on popular bar nights.

He says if the city isn`t willing to compromise and votes to stop serving at 11, he already knows what that means for the future of Kubrick.