Parson signs Missouri budget; releases blocked spending

jefferson city

Missouri Capitol Building in Jefferson City.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Gov. Mike Parson has signed the state’s $28.6 billion budget and released millions of additional dollars that had been withheld from state programs under his predecessor.

Parson announced Friday that he had approved the budget passed by the Legislature for the 2019 fiscal year that starts Sunday. The annual spending plan increases funding for K-12 schools and generally holds funding stable for public colleges and universities.

Parson made 21 line-item vetoes totaling about $12 million.

The Republican governor also announced that he had released all the spending restrictions that former Gov. Eric Greitens had placed on the 2018 budget amid concerns that revenues would fall short of projections. Parson’s action released about $195 million.

Parson took over after Greitens resigned June 1 while facing potential impeachment for alleged misconduct.