More political upheaval in the City of Bel-Ridge

BEL-RIDGE, MO - Investigator Elliott Davis questions the head of the Bel-Ridge Board of Aldermen that's trying to impeach the city's new mayor.

Mayor Willie Fair just came to office in April after defeating incumbent Rachael White.

But almost immediately the new mayor ran afoul of the old board majority that favored former Mayor White.

Mayor Fair even had to go to court to be able to fully use his office. A judge sided with Mayor Fair giving him the go-ahead to exercise his mayoral powers.

But there’s still the matter of the battle with the Board.

The aldermanic board is also trying again to impeach Alderwoman Wilma Abernathy.

She ran afoul of fellow board members when she sided with citizens who brought in the Missouri Attorney General to investigate possible wrongdoing by Bel-Ridge officials.