St. Louis County sees dwindling number of municipalities

ST. LOUIS (AP) _ St. Louis County is seeing its number of municipalities drop after a village dissolved in April and several are poised to fold in the near future.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the number of St. Louis County municipalities fell to 88 when Mackenzie residents decided to discorporate nearly three months ago. The village of about 132 people voted to dissolve because no one wanted to take over running the town, where the median age of trustees was 82.

Hanley Hills could be the next municipality to disband. Residents will vote Aug. 7 on disincorporation.

Dave Leipholtz works at Better Together, a nonprofit working to consolidate governmental services in the St. Louis-area. He says municipalities are dealing with declines in sales tax revenue and looking to save money through combining services.

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