Carbondale man charged over bomb threat to military recruiting center

CARBONDALE, Ill. – A 42-year-old Carbondale man appeared in federal court Monday for allegedly making a false threat to bomb a local military recruiting office, US Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois Donald Boyce said.

According to prosecutors, George Rita was arrested June 29 after posting an anonymous message to an FBI tip line in Clarksburg, West Virginia, threatening to go to a military recruitment center and blow it up and that no one could stop him.

The message did not name a specific military recruitment center.

Investigators determined the message was sent from southern Illinois and tracked the internet IP address of the sender to Rita’s apartment in Carbondale.

Federal agents believe Rita made the threat against a military recruiting station near his residence.

Rita was charged with maliciously conveying false information regarding a bomb threat. He faces up to 10 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $250,000.