Clean-up continues across the region following storms; some areas still without power

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Folks in the St. Louis metropolitan area woke up Monday morning without electricity after last week’s storm. It was day five without power for them.

There’s progress being made, but much work still needed to be done concerning cleanup in north St. Louis County.

A dramatic change was seen at this home where last week a huge tree fell onto the house causing major damage. Since then, crews have removed the tree, cut it up, and someone will have firewood for the winter.

It appeared little had been done in some yards, while other homeowners had dragged the storm debris to the street for pickup.

The last time Bill Grossboll had power at his Centreville, Illinois home was early Thursday evening. Ameren Illinois finally showed up Monday afternoon.

“I know the guys are working hard this is a wooded area so it’s one of the prices you pay living in an area like this,” he said.

The first night he slept in his home with a battery-operated fan. After that, he stayed with the neighbors. He threw out two bags of groceries from his freezer and refrigerator when they lost power. He commended linemen for their efforts.

Grossboll seemed to be taking the outage in stride. He wished Ameren could be a little more accurate when they give a time that power will be restored.

“We had Friday, Saturday, and yesterday we had different guys telling us we should have power that day they should have said it’s a possibility you may not,” he said. “We can take that we can understand that.”

Both Ameren in Missouri and Illinois said Monday afternoon they’ve restored power to all customers affected by last week’s storm. There were storms Sunday and they may have caused new outages that crews are working on.

The office of St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger reported the county has removed enough debris from the area to fill 50 dump trucks. Plus 60 AmeriCorps volunteers pitched in to help homeowners.

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