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Police investigating gun brought to Metro East daycare

GLEN CARBON, IL – The Glen Carbon Police Department is investigating an incident that occurred Monday at a child care center.

Police say the incident concerned a firearm that was brought to the child care center in a knapsack for a child enrolled at the Early Explorations Too daycare center.

According to a letter sent to parents with children enrolled at the center, a parent hand dropped off a nap time bag for his son around 11:30 am Monday morning.  The bag was taken to the child’s homeroom, where the child unpacked the bag.  While taking items out the sheets and blanket to make their cot, the child discovered a handgun.

The child took the gun to the teacher who immediately took possession of the handgun.  The gun was taken to the center's office, where it was secured and staff called the police.

Officers arriving on scene took possession of the weapon and commended the staff for taking quick and prompt action.

The daycares president Jennie Fuller said in talking with police it sounds like the father of the child put his concealed to carry weapon in the knapsack Friday after school to carry things from the car into the house. The sheets didn’t get laundered over the weekend and the gun was forgotten about. Then the bag was returned to the school Monday.

The matter is under investigation by the police department.  Once the investigation is concluded, a report will be forwarded to the Madison County State's Attorney's Office.

Early Explorations Too plans to increase safety by inspecting all bags in the future to ensure against any repeat incident.