Son’s injury prompts mother to plea for fireworks safety

KIRKWOOD, MO- Latreasha Matthews hopes parents will talk to their children about an injury her son suffered while doing something he should not have done with a firework.  Matthews said her 16-year-old son was walking along Meachum Park in Kirkwood when he discovered a firework on the ground.  She said he picked up the firework on June 24th, held it in his right hand while he lit the firework with his left hand.

“As soon as the flame hit it, it went off,” said Matthews.

Her son was rushed to the hospital.  He lost his right index finger, part of another finger and part of his right thumb.  He also needed stitches on his left hand.  The teen returned to the doctor on Tuesday to have the dressing covering his injured hand replaced.  It was the first time he could see his injured hand since he was rushed to the hospital.

“He started shaking and breaking out in sweats,” said Matthews.  “We thought he was going to pass out.”

Matthews hopes parents will talk to their kids about what happened to her son so they don’t do what he did.  She’s grateful school counselors and others have offered support.

“There’s nothing wrong with fireworks,” said Matthews.   “Just play it safe.”