Awkward comments read by ‘Hunky’ viral St. Louis County officer

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ST. LOUIS, MO — Remember the St. Louis County officer who lit up social media with his smile? The racy comments from Facebook fans about the attractive officer got the attention of the police department. Their replies were hilarious.

The St. Louis County Police Department had Officer Adam Doback read those comments. The result is awkward but funny. Check out this video for his reaction.

"I volunteer as tribute to be stopped, frisked and cuffed," Officer Adam Doback reads a comment from a fan.  He says, "That escalated quickly. "

"During this holiday, celebrating this great country and the things we are blessed with, just remember to buckle up and drive safely," said Officer Doback.

St. Louis County Police have an ongoing campaign reminding drivers to wear their seatbelts. The campaign posts a photo every Monday of a smiling officer reminding patrons to “Arrive Alive” and wear their seatbelts. Little did the County Police know that last Monday’s post would get this much attention from the public.

Facebook and Twitter users reacted fondly to the photo and have generated thousands of reactions. The attractive officer featured is grabbing the attention of women all over social media while encouraging them to buckle up behind the wheel.

See all of the comments here:

Here is a sample of the comments that helped the officer go viral:

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