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Candidate calls foul after campaign signs stolen, damaging fliers distributed

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ST. LOUIS – Marissa Brown said Thursday she’s campaigning for the 76th District State Rep seat on many different platforms.

“I would like to fight for our seniors,” she said. “I want to have different youth programs for our kids.”

But Brown’s made it clear: stealing and spreading falsehoods are not two of them.

“I work in my community every day,” she said. “So for someone to spread lies about someone who wants to win office and continue my work in Jefferson City, it’s sad.”

Since launching her campaign for office, the young political hopeful said she’s had to replace her political signs due to theft.

Luckily, on multiple occasions, Brown’s caught it all on camera.

The surveillance video on top of a gas station at St. Louis Avenue and North Kingshighway showed a person walking up to her sign, snatching it off the gate, and quickly making a run for it.

“It’s disappointing because I think it’s a form of voter oppression because it takes away from the voters’ right to even know who’s running for office,” Brown said.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s what a person walking up to 1st Ward Committeewoman Yolanda Brown, door allegedly left behind that’s even more disparaging.

The committeewoman said that person left a flyer accusing Brown of being an exotic dancer; claims that Brown refutes.

“It really hurt me to see someone would spread lies about a candidate about someone whose young and wants to get involved in the community,” Yolanda Brown said.

“I honestly believe I was attacked because I’m a woman,” she said. “I’m the only woman in the race and this is about the third attempt to intimidate me or bring me down.”

Though all this may hurt, Yolanda Brown said she’s taking it all in stride as she looks ahead to the election day.

“It’s definitely been a hard campaign,” she said. “But overall I’m doing pretty well and I think that’s why I’m being attacked so often.”

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