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Pevely Police Department’s impressive ‘lip-sync challenge’ includes choreography

ST. LOUIS, MO - The Pevely Police Department has accepted the lip-sync challenge that is sweeping social media across.  Their submission is impressive.  It includes a choreographed dance routine. The video has gone viral just a few hours after they posted it to Facebook with thousands of shares and reactions.

The Pevely Police Department posted the video to their Facebook page with this description:

"Last week we were "challenged" by our lovely community to participate in the viral Lip Sync Challenge. As you know, the community is one thing we do not want to disappoint.

With the donated help from "House DJ Services + Entertainment" owned and operated by the awesome; Cole Coleman & Lauryn Braswell.
This would not have been possible without you guys. A huge thank you to the officers involved and a HUGE shout out to our Facebook family and our community we so proudly serve. Without your support, our jobs would not be as rewarding and enjoyable. Because of this, we can relax and have a little fun.

Let's set the stage:
We all know the struggle to find power rings and how much cops love donuts. We were in the office one day all excited about our feast of donuts, only to find out our very own Mayor, swiped the last one.

We are officially calling out;
All Jefferson County first responders and your agencies. Let's see what ya got!!! We don't mind flying solo if you're not ready to show us what you're made of..."