Weekend shootings in Jefferson County appear random, detectives say

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – Detectives in Jefferson County were trying to find the people responsible for firing into homes and parked cars over the weekend.

It’s been a frightening situation. One man said his house was fired upon. He wanted to remain anonymous.

“Why, why would they come around doing that driving by shooting? I have no enemies that I know of; it’s just a weird situation,” he said.

The man said he woke up Saturday morning and found glass on his storm door shattered, a bullet hole in the front door, and later discovered the bullet on his kitchen flood wall.

“It’s kind of scary when I woke up in the morning because I slept right through it,” he said.

Sheriff’s deputies said the six shootings happened in very rural Jefferson County. Three cars were struck at different addresses. Three homes were hit at different locations, with the bullets going inside the residences.

“This goes beyond property damage,” said Sgt. Matt Moore, a spokesman for the Jefferson County Sheriff Department. “Somebody could have been hurt or killed.”

Moore said detectives were checking homeowners in the area who may have seen something. They’ve asked people in the area to check their home security cameras to see if the suspects were caught on video.

Erika Wilhoit was visiting her relatives home with her four children and can’t believe what’s happened over the weekend.

“Very concerning. It’s so quiet out here. Nobody messes with anybody, everybody watches out for each other,” she said. “To hear about it makes it unnerving for having my children out here playing.”

Investigators said they believe the shootings were random.

“Our investigators talk to all of the victims and there’s no apparent connection between any of the victims,” Moore said.

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