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Creve Coeur looks at revising hunting ordinance to make deer culling easier

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CREVE COEUR, Mo. – Creve Coeur is looking at revising their hunting ordinance. City officials want to it make easier to hunt an increasing amount of deer.

Many Creve Coeur residents have expressed concern with a growing population of deer. So police are looking at making hunting deer easier and more attractive.

“We're engaging with the city council to get input and with citizens in Creve Coeur, who would be interested in hunters on their property to harvest deer,” said Chief Glenn Eidman, Creve Coeur Police Department.

Without any natural predators around, the deer population is growing, Eidman said.

The police department has recorded about 20 car accidents each year involving deer. But not all residents want more attractive hunting laws.

“We don’t have an issue with deer. We have encroached on their property,” said Lisa Osborne, a Creve Coeur resident. “Actually, we're moving them out of their homes, so they are becoming more of a road issue.”

At present, city law allows hunting with a bow and arrow or crossbow. That wouldn’t change. But they could minimize insurance liability that a person has to have from the current $2 million. You could now hunt on a half-acre of property instead of a full acre, and they are looking to reduce the distance one needs to be from a school or church to hunt from 150 yards.

“Other cities have made changes that are more advantageous and attractive to hunt,” Eidman said. “We are trying to stay up with that.”

Officials said they’re looking to allow controlled hunts, but nothing’s for sure at the moment.

The city council will further discuss the proposed changes on July 23 and likely vote on said changes next month.

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