Emotions run high as locals pack tavern for World Cup game

ST. LOUIS – It was a busy and fun day for football fans at the Amsterdam Traven on Morganford Road.

Fans rooting for England and Croatia in the semi-final World Cup game Wednesday in Russia overflowed the south city tavern, spilling out on the sidewalk outside.

The place went bonkers when England took the lead with a first-half goal. Throughout the game, you could hear the chanting and cheers a block or two away. There was a line of people down the sidewalk out front, waiting to join the overflow crowd; a manager estimated that the crowd was about 60-40 in favor of England. But you wouldn't know it when Croatia tied the game in the second half and scored in extra time to ultimately claim the victory.

No matter the score this was just flat out fun.

Following the game, a fight broke out about a half-block away as fans were leaving the game. Police and Amsterdam staff broke up the fight, but no one knows what started the altercation.

No one was seriously injured, although one man seemed to be bleeding from a head wound after one of the combatants was thrown into a Fox 2 vehicle.

Because of the large crowd expected Sunday morning for the World Cup final between Croatia and France, Morganford will be closed to traffic in front of the Amsterdam Tavern.