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How to cope with outdoor pests – Poison ivy, ticks and more

ST. LOUIS - Summer can mean spending more time outdoors. More time outdoors can lead to more exposure to poison ivy, ticks, chiggers and other unwanted wildlife.

Dan Zarlenga from the Missouri Department of Conservation has some tips for dealing with these problems if they arise including:

• A thorough, soapy bath or shower will help wash away ticks and chiggers and poison ivy oils (avoid soaps with oils for washing poison ivy.)

• Do a careful check for ticks—carefully remove the whole tick with tweezers.

• Clothing is one of the best defenses because it provides a protective barrier. Wear long sleeve shirts—light colors make ticks more visible and don`t attract mosquitoes as much and are cooler.

For more tips and information visit www.mdc.mo.gov.