Sewage spill cause road closing and delays near Laumeier Sculpture Park

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SUNSET HILLS, MO — A sewage spill right by the Laumeier Sculpture Park in Sunset Hills forced a clean up in the area. It happened on Rott Road just outside of Laumeier.

Officials with the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District says a contractor for the city of Sunset Hills doing work for an ongoing project in that area damaged two mains causing the spill. Rott Road had already been closed in that area for about a month before this incident.

MSD says the incident happened early Wednesday morning and the clean up went into the afternoon,  about 3,500 gallons of sewage spilled. A contractor struck and broke both a water main and a force main sewer. The mains are in different locations not far from each other.

MSD crews arrived and noticed sewage spilling from the force main into a dry creek of the Meramec River that runs through Laumeier. Workers shut down a nearby pump station which stopped the sewage flow. The force main was fixed within a few hours and the pump station was restarted.

Officials say there is no immediate threat to public safety or health from the sewage spill, MSD did put up warning signs in the area including in Laumeier Sculpture Park.

MSD says if someone comes in contact with water in the creek or in other affected areas they should immediately and thoroughly wash with soap and water.

The owner of the contract company tells FOX 2 his crews were not actively digging in either area when the breaks happened.  We understand sewer service to customers in that area was not affected.



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