Video: Injured Arnold officer responds to music, plays “air” bass

ARNOLD, Mo. – To call it music to his ears is an understatement. It is music to everyone’s ears to hear—and see—Arnold Officer Ryan O’Connor respond to the song, “Rock This Town,” by Stray Cats.

Recent video taken by his family shows the officer as he simulates a performance.

“Seeing him in the car, with his fingers simulating like he was playing bass guitar, that was incredible,” Francis Gomez said.

Gomez, a fellow law enforcement officer, is O’Connor’s bandmate in the Celtic rock band, Plaid to the Bone.

Gomez said it’s a huge difference he’s seen in O’Connor since December 5 - the day O’Connor was injured in the line of duty. O’Connor, 44, was rushed to the hospital after a burglary suspect shot him in the back of the head.

“A lot of people were expecting the worst,” Gomez said.

It has been a share of ups and downs—downs in particular, in the beginning—but O’Connor, through perseverance, love, and prayers, has made remarkable strides. In the early stages of recovery, he began to breathe on his own. He can now speak some sentences and is learning how to walk again.

All of those accomplishments are captured on video. But this latest one of the officer jamming to music stands out, Gomez said.

“Remembering how to do all that stuff so fast. When he had a major brain injury. Yeah, that’s special, for sure,” he said.

O’Connor spent a few months in Colorado receiving special medical treatment for his injury. He is now back home in the St. Louis area, receiving outpatient care.

A portion of proceeds from any Plaid to the Bone merchandise will go toward O’Connor’s recovery costs.

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