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Officers shot in the line of duty hold “Alive Day” walk to confront gun violence

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ST. LOUIS - Surveillance video from a police shootout that left a St. Louis city police sergeant wounded is now being released three years later.

The officer is the one who's taking it public. Sergeant Charles Lowe held a walk Saturday for victims against violence, “I put my vest on and a car pulls up. Guy jumps out of a car and just start shooting.  I shot back and get shot during the process," said Sergeant Lowe.

Sergeant Lowe called Saturday "Alive Day”: It marks the 3rd anniversary of the shooting that happened in the Central West End.

Lowe says he was wounded but not broken. “Thank God that vest saved my life and I'm here today to celebrate that," said Sergeant Lowe.

On July 15, 2015, Lowe was ambushed while in uniform. The surveillance video was released this week. Cameras caught the most frightening eight seconds of Lowe's life. The terrifying scene unfolding as Sergeant Lowe worked overnight security. "It's surreal to watch the video play out.  All my memories are from the inside."

On Saturday Lowe along with family, friends and fellow officers participated in Code 73 a Victim’s Against Violence Walk. The event was held where the incident happened, to show support for others affected by violence. Lowe says the same violence that affects residents also affects police officers. “We go out and do service for the community and we often become victim's protecting our community."

"Supporting this walk means a lot because it's an “Alive Day” and a lot of our officers experience a lot of things and some are not fortunate to be here today," said Lindsey Silva.

"Our community has to understand police are also parts of this community we owe them a debt of gratitude, we owe them respect. This is an opportunity to show trust," said Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards.

"I want people to know I'm concerned about crime victims both police and citizens, "said Chief John Hayden.

Sergeant Tom Lake was also shot while on duty, but in the face.  Lake participated in the walk and says he's lucky to be alive. “Charlie and I just want to say thank you. We celebrate something that most people don’t get to do, a second chance at life."

Sergeant Lowe was hit one bullet, but his bullet-resistant vest saved him.

Both shooters have been sentenced to prison terms.

Police say the motive for the crime is still unclear.

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