Vice president touts tax cuts, stumps for Hawley in St. Louis visit

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ST. LOUIS – Vice President Mike Pence came to St. Louis to tout the Trump administration’s accomplishments. While Pence talked to supporters inside a downtown hotel, protestors outside let their voices be heard to passersby.

Mike Pence spoke to a gathering hosted by America First Policies which is a non-profit organization that supports President Trump’s agenda.

When the vice president’s motorcade arrived at the Marriott Hotel, more than 150 protestors representing a number of organizations were on hand to let him know they didn’t like several White House policies.

“Right now, I am watching as a former Republican, the party of Reagan, apparently dance with the Russians in very unhealthy ways,” said demonstrator Margaret Welch.

Across the street, Republican supporters arrived hours early to make sure they got a seat to the event which was open to the public.

“I support my president and I support the vice president,” said Ken Barten.

Before Pence arrived, local business people told the assembled crowd how the Trump tax cuts were benefiting their companies.

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, who is a candidate for Claire McCaskill’s US Senate seat, introduced Pence.

“We’ve cut taxes for working families,” Pence said. “Our estimate is the typical family of four in the St. Louis area is going to save $2,600 every year on taxes.”

A lot of supporters wore their red ‘Make America Great Again’ caps. Pence mentioned a variety of issues, including Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, immigration, supporting police, and rebuilding the military.

There were more than a half-dozen standing ovations.

“We cut taxes for business large and small so companies here in Missouri can compete and win against any company in the world,” Pence said.

Pence did not discuss a story on the front page of Thursday morning’s Washington Post concerning a Poplar Bluff, Missouri company that’s been forced to lay off scores of workers because of President Trump’s tariffs on Mexican steel imports.

The get together was free; still, there were more than 50 empty seats. Towards the end of the speech, a protestor spoke out concerning the separation of children and parents at the border. Debbie Igielnik was escorted outside but not arrested.

“This is America. This is the greatest country in the world; we do not treat children this way,” Igielnik said.

Trump/Pence supporters said Pence’s speech fired them up and they plan to work hard in the upcoming November elections.

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