Bel-Ridge Board of Aldermen drop impeachment proceedings against mayor and alderwoman

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BEL-RIDGE, MO - Tonight on You Paid For It a big victory for a Bel-Ridge Alderwoman whose been fighting a pitched battle since before her re-election this past April.

Fellow aldermen wanted to impeach Wilma Abernathy, but now those impeachment efforts have fallen flat.

Apparently, you can't impeach someone for offenses that occurred before they were re-elected.

That's exactly what aldermen tried to do in Abernathy's case.

Finally, as they started to talk about that impeachment at an aldermanic meeting, the matter of that law was raised.

Surprising the city attorney agreed that Alderwoman Abernathy couldn't be impeached for the old accusations.

She told investigator Elliott Davis that she's relieved that this fight is over.

She wasn't the only Bel-Ridge official with a target on their back. The old board majority also wanted to impeach the new Mayor Willie Fair who was just voted in this past April.

Mayor Fair fought back in court against efforts to hobble him.

The majority of the aldermen backed the person Mayor Fair defeated for mayor. Still, they’ve apparently decided to give up on the impeachment.

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