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Frustration over crime pushes city resident to post sign warning about dangers in CWE

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ST. LOUIS - A duct taped sign sits just in front of Westminster Place in Central West End alerting potential residents of the living conditions in the neighborhood.

The warning points to car break-ins, high rent and no surveillance as prime concerns.

Patricia Bowman is behind the handmade posting.

“I wanted people to be aware this is not the place you want to live. It is not safe and I don’t want anybody to go through what I and my neighbors had to go through,” Bowman said.

Broken glass remains from last Friday when Bowman tells me she and her neighbors walked outside to find their car windows busted and items stolen.

Though angered, it’s something she’s grown to expect.

“I’m up-all-night wondering, looking out the window saying can I see anybody,” she said. “You never get sleep.”

In an effort to not feel like a prisoner in her own home, the Central West End resident says she reached out to her apartment complex management.

Bowman wants security cameras installed and more officer patrols.

However, she says her demands are going unnoticed thus growing her frustrations.

“It’s not even about the vehicle, I know people say it’s just a car, you right but I’m only 4’10, I’m up to here in anger,” Bowman said pointing above herself.

Fox 2 reached out to management, but no one returned our call.

Now Bowman is turning to local police and her elected officials for help.

With a town hall meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Bowman says she wants more than tough talk.

“I don’t want meetings that’s what politicians are doing,” Bowman said. “I want action!”

But until she gets that action, Bowman plans to keep her signs posted to stop others from walking into what she calls the unknown.

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