School districts leery of buying bulletproof panels

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SULLIVAN, MO - The Sullivan, Missouri company that makes the bulletproof panels for schools put the movable wall to the test for our Fox 2 cameras.  Paul Bastean with Ultimate Defense shooting range in St. Peters used the same types of guns police find in the hands of criminals for the demonstration.  The panels are designed to look like a part of the classroom.  You can hang pictures on one side and use the white erase board on the other side.  Bastean fired a number of weapons and not a single bullet went through or even made a bulge on the other side of the board.  Executive Wood Products is busy every day selling anti-ballistic panes to the government to put in offices and other buildings.  But since the company introduced the panels for schools in February, not a single school has shown interest in buying.  Paul Alexander says schools think a shooting will never happen to them.  They don't seem to feel the panels are overpriced at $2,600 dollars each, yet no one wants to make it appear their school is unsafe.

Letter from Paul Alexander: Executive Wood Products

An open letter to all Concerned Parents, Concerned Citizens, School Administrators, Teachers, Business People, and Government Officials

Innocent children in Parkland, Florida were senselessly murdered and our country is in an uproar. We should be in an uproar! Beyond talking, what are we actually doing?

Regardless of your stance on gun control, the facts are: there are unstable minds in this world, people can get weapons (guns, knives, baseball bats, box cutters), by legal or illegal means, people can get weapons. We must do something to stop the killing regardless of the weapons the killers possess. The assassins` egos are fed by their successful slaughter of innocents. Stop them, catch them, or kill them, if we take away their success, we will strip future murderers of their motivation. If every would-be assailant who charged into a school was stopped without a single victim harmed, other want-to-be killers would change their plans because they would quickly see that they would give up their own lives for nothing. Their notoriety would endure one news cycle, at most, and their impetus would completely fade away.

We spend tens of millions of dollars weekly on lottery tickets with the hope that we could be the next mega winner, yet we send our children to school every day with the innate belief that it will not happen to us, that our children will be safe. We do not know when and where the next shooting will occur and our children really could be next. We have to change what we are doing, we must stop talking and start doing.

One week prior to the Parkland massacre, Executive Wood Products launched a new anti-ballistic product designed specifically for use in schools. The 4` X 6` panels are completely mobile with NIJ III armor and best of all they do not look anti-ballistic. They have a tackable surface for papers and posters on one side and a whiteboard with marker rail on the other. They are a useful, practical classroom tool that can stop an AK47, AR15, and a wide variety of other weapons. When an active shooter comes through the door he is looking for soft, vulnerable targets. His only intent is to kill. If people are behind these panels, trademarked Tactical Scholar™, the shooter will believe he can shoot through the panel and will waste his ammo with success and buy time for first responders, or in-house guards, to arrive. Additionally, the panels, whether used in hallways or classrooms, create an environment which confuses the shooter and causes him to withdraw or change tactics. For the shooter, unexpected protection, and failure are unsettling.

Executive Wood Products, a 36-year wood products manufacturing company, formed the Protection Division immediately following 9/11. After five years of Research and Development, the company began selling Anti-Ballistic products to the United States Government, churches, and private business.

The Executive Wood Products position is not self-serving, the Tactical Scholar™ is priced well below market value and the company offers free White-Glove™ delivery to ensure schools can quickly buy and install what they need. If you know of another effective solution, if you are willing to step forward and solve the problem, then do that, but do something. Our children are at risk, every day we stand idly by and wait for someone else to do something: government funding, a change in laws, better planning by someone else. Online funding efforts have raised millions of dollars for victims lost and nothing for future protection. If we join together, in every community, we can find and fund solutions.

If you would like to learn more please contact me directly. Whatever you do, please, let us stop merely talking and start acting.


Paul D. Alexander

Founder and CEO

Executive Wood Products

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