Endangered Wolf Center takes in 2 energetic foxes

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EUREKA, MO – You have to be pretty crafty to outfox two foxes.  This would explain the zip line in the all-new Fox Haven enclosure at the Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka.

Artie and Cooper are getting enrichment this way, like fruit and dried fish.

“Artie is an arctic fox and he came to us via the wildlife rescue center,” says Virginia Busch, Executive Director Endangered Wolf Center.  “He had a little injury on his paw and was probably somebodies’ pet.  So, he couldn`t go back to the wild.  We decided to keep him but he`s a great animal as an ambassador and telling his story about counterparts in the wild.”

And then we have Cooper who is a red fox, melanistic grey.  He`s called a silver fox.  You find that in the fur trade.  We think he was someone`s pet and relinquished by the Wildlife Pet Rescue Center.  And those two are fast friends.”

Trying to get a fix on which fox is which?

Artie, the small arctic fox has a grey summer coat which will turn white in the winter.

And Cooper the red fox with a gene makes his fur black.

“We help to recover many endangered species like our Mexican wolf and Red wolf by reintroducing them into the wild,” says Busch.  “We also think it’s very important for education, that`s why we have Cooper and Artie.”

The two quick foxes, while not related, have bonded like brothers, lounging at the pool during the summer.

And Artie the arctic, how does he handle the heat?

“We have big ice blocks we give him,” says Busch.  “You`ll see him lying on a big piece of ice throughout the summer.  Then we just built him a new igloo that is air-conditioned.  So, when he goes in there he can cool off.  But of course, Cooper likes it too.”

And you can see them for yourself at the Endangered Wolf Center, where you too might grow fond of these fantastic foxes.

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