Lost dog found in Denver invokes legal fight for St. Louis man

ST. LOUIS, MO. - A St. Louis man says he received a phone call from a Denver animal shelter that his dog was in their custody. Jason Senseney said he hasn't seen his dog, Molly, in five years since she ran away from his St. Louis home. However, Senseney said after he drove all night to Denver he arrived to learn the dog might not be handed over to him.

He said animal shelter staff told him another man claimed the dog belongs to him.

Senseney said the dog has a microchip and that he is the registered owner. He said the man who is trying to take the dog is the same man who found her in St. Louis when she was lost and took her in.

He said he has microchip paperwork and documents from the vet, but said the other man has vet paperwork showing he provided care for the past 5 years. Senseney said the man who took Molly in never went to have her checked for a chip.

According to our sister station FOX 31 in Denver, the shelter said its legal team will make the final decision on who the dog will go home with.