Dog turned over in Denver to St. Louis man who lost her 5 years ago

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DENVER - A dispute over who owns a lost dog that was returned to the Denver Animal Shelter ended Thursday night. The man who lost the dog five years ago now has her, and he's taking her home to St. Louis.

Jason Senseney of St. Louis reached out to the FOX31 Problem Solvers after he got a call from the animal shelter saying his dog Molly, who went missing five years ago, was found. But someone else was claiming ownership as well.

Senseney said he was in disbelief Sunday when he got a call that his dog Molly was at Denver Animal Shelter.

He said he got in the car and drove 10 hours overnight from Missouri to Colorado to pick her up.

When he arrived at the shelter, he was told that another man also claimed Molly was his dog.

Senseney said Molly went missing five years ago after she jumped a fence. Despite his searches and her microchip, she never turned up.

"She disappeared and it was cold and raining and we thought she died, you know," said Senseney. Senseney said the man who was also fighting for custody of Molly, is the same person who found her in St. Louis and took her in.

Thursday night, Jason and the other man shook hands as Jason arrived at the animal shelter to pick Molly up. The dog, now 11 years old, is a German shepherd mix.

Molly ended up at the Denver shelter after apparently getting loose from the other man who had her for the last five years.

Senseney contacted the Animal Law Center, and Thursday the animal shelter managers turned Molly over to her rightful owner.

Senseney said the other man can come see Molly any time in St. Louis.

Jennifer Edwards with the Animal Law Center says the moral of this story is always microchip your pet.

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