Woman fends off would-be carjacker at Hazelwood gas station

HAZELWOOD, Mo. – A brazen move during an attempted carjacking. But in this case, “brazen” refers to both the suspect and the driver.

“She handled it very assertively,” Hazelwood Police Chief Gregg Hall said.

Hall said a customer at the Phillips 66 gas station was approached by a man at about 6:30 a.m. Tuesday.

“As she was gassing up her vehicle, a young man came running up to her. He said, ‘Get out of my way.’ Jumped in her car,” he said.

The suspect intended to drive off with the vehicle, but it didn’t work out that way. The woman grabbed her keys with her as she left the vehicle. And she didn’t stop there.

“She grabbed him by his hoodie, pulled him out of the vehicle,” Hall said. “And he got up and started running.”

The woman was not injured.

Hall credits the woman for her quick instincts to grab the keys with her as she left her vehicle. But he hopes most people will think twice before they decide to fight a would-be carjacker.

“If someone wants to take your car from you, give them the car. I don’t recommend anyone fighting for property when your life is in danger,” Hall said.

Police said they’re reviewing surveillance from the gas station and hope to locate the man.

“Hopefully we can find this guy and keep him from doing it somewhere else,” Hall said.