Neighbors credited with helping solve Fenton home theft

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FENTON, Mo. – Neighbors have been credited with helping Jefferson County investigators solve a property theft in Fenton.

Someone posted photos of a person stealing bicycles on the popular Facebook page JeffCo 411 hoping someone would recognize the man and contact the police.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office tracked down a 29-year-old suspect and he's been ordered to appear in court, but since he hasn’t been officially charged, Fox 2/KPLR 11 won't identify him.

Investigators got a report of the theft on Monday in the 800 hundred block of Briny in Fenton.

Neighbors said they knew their friend was out of town and saw someone suspicious poking around his property. They said that suspicious individual stole three bikes out of the shed and when a neighbor confronted the man, he said he was with the abandoned property department of Jefferson County, which is not a real division.

The neighbor decided to take some photos of the man and his vehicle.

Sergeant Matt Moore, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, said the neighbor handled the situation well.

“Well, certainly the picture of the truck and the suspect was critical in solving this case … so that person did a good job,” Moore said. “They didn’t overly confront him, but they were documenting it, taking the pictures, and posting it.”

Again since this person isn’t formally charged yet we won’t be identifying him, but we do know he’s from Fenton and has a history of thefts.

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