Art gallery owner stays positive despite uncertainty following sale of Chesterfield Mall

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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – While the Chesterfield Mall is dealing with the some of the troubles of transition, art galleries inside the mall are doing well; specifically, the Mindscape Gallery.

Mindscape is a shining light in the midst of dark times at Chesterfield Mall. The mall is in transition, with new owners and little foot traffic, but Mindscape is making its way with customers.

Mindscape owner Vickie Muich doesn’t charge her artists commission. She said they're making some money, getting great exposure, and that there is an enormous amount of talent in St. Louis on display.

“Chesterfield is very art and cultural minded and we have a lot of world companies’ headquarters in this area,” she said. “A lot of people here who have all their fingers in all pots of art and culture.”

There are three art galleries in Chesterfield Mall: Mindscape, stone soup, and Vesna.

Pattie Garrett is one of the 40 artists on display in Mindscape. She said people are coming in and talking about how they love the mall and are glad it's staying open under new ownership.

“They really love to be able to come in and see things they won’t be able to buy anywhere else,” she said.

Those who display their work in Chesterfield said they love the location, the access is good, and there is a large showing space.

“It's kind of becoming an art mecca, I think they know they can come here and find cool stuff,” Garrett said.

Muich said she cannot predict what the new owners of Chesterfield Mall might do, but she isn’t expecting to be moving, especially with how good things are going.

In the meantime, she said her gallery has space available and hopes artists will reach out.

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