Preparing to feed thousands at the PGA Championship at Bellerive

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TOWN AND COUNTRY, Mo. - The 100th PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club is a big deal for both the golf course and St. Louis region. Thousands are expected to attend the week-long PGA event and need to be fed each day. To accommodate the masses, the kitchens at Stiefel Theatre are being utilized.

Three 53-foot long refrigerated trailers are being used to deliver food, condiments, packaging and more this week for the PGA championship tournament.

"This is where the production starts, here," says Steven Maak, executive chef at Stiefel Theatre & Enterprise Center. "We do the premium and concession production out of this kitchen. Everything starts from real early in the morning and wraps up around 4 or 5 in the day."

The Stiefel Theatre will be a beehive of activity until next Sunday.

"We bring in our ovens, our tables, countertops, electric tilt skillets," says Nick Skarda, Executive Sous Chef Levy Golf. "Whatever else we need to get the project done."

"We do a lot of prep work here and we have little satellite kitchens on the golf course where we do the finishing, traying and plating, and bowling of sauces and dips. It's kind of the big prep area here."

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