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Despite the rain, voters have been getting out and heading to the polls

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - Despite the rain Tuesday, voters have been getting out and heading to the polls.

One of the driving forces is the interest in Prop A, the Right to Work proposition.

At the main branch of the St. Louis County Library which is a polling place, one of more than 400 polling places throughout the county where voters have been dodging raindrops to get inside to cast ballots.

According to St. Louis County election officials there have been just a few minor issues, such as poll workers arriving late or not showing up. Also, some voters have complained and said they were confused about the process during a primary election that they had to declare a party affiliation in order to get a Democratic or Republican ballot.

Election officials said that issue was handled at each individual polling place explaining to voters about the partisan ballots.

An election official was predicting a 35 percent turnout, which is higher than past primary elections. Officials say the attention and controversy surrounding Proposition A is drawing more voters to the polls.

The Proposition A campaign has placed Missouri in the national spotlight for the future of the Right to Work movement.  Prop A, if passed would bar employers from requiring workers to pay union dues or fees as a condition of employment.