Alert sent about armed man near Saint Louis University campus

ST. LOUIS, MO — An all-clear notice has been given after an alert about an armed man on the campus of Saint Louis University.

A suspicious person was reported near Saint Louis University’s campus at around 9:30 Wednesday morning. The school sent this alert to students and parents, “A person with a firearm has been reported near West Pine and Grand. Avoid the area until further notice. Subject is a 6-foot black male wearing a green shirt & black pants.”

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department listed the incident as a suspicious person in the area. The alert seems to have been sent out an abundance of caution. St. Louis University’s Department of Safety sent a tweet 20 minutes later that says, “All clear from the report of a person with a firearm. The campus is safe. Resume normal operations.”

The school says the alert was a disturbance outside the parish center, no weapon was located.