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St. Louis police say ‘cruising’ still a problem in some neighborhoods

ST. LOUIS – After receiving reports of drivers carrying weapons and firing shots at other vehicles, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department on Friday said cruising in parts of the city was still a problem.

Chief John Hayden said the department plans to address this issue.

The chief released surveillance video late Friday afternoon of some drivers who decided not only to go cruising up and down Broadway near Grand but firing off shots while driving.

In the video, you can see a man armed with a rifle. The man points the weapon in the air and fired several times toward a crowd before speeding away.

“This is a new type of cruising we are seeing. We have dealt with cruising as a traffic issue for years, but this is the first time that we have noticed a significant amount of guns and weapons associated with cruising," Chief Hayden said.

“On any given weekend there are calls for shots fired. Shots in the air or people shooting at persons. We are now associating the shots fired with this behavior, that we shared the footage with."

To address the issue, Hayden said the department will add more police in various areas with the hopes of curbing the dangerous behavior.

"We are now going to have a significant presence for the next few weekends. This is something that occurs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, and we are going to be in the area,” he said.

The chief said police released the surveillance video in the hopes someone recognizes any of the individuals involved and contacts authorities.