Police seek public’s help to find suspects in Imo’s armed robbery

FERGUSON, MO - Ferguson police released chilling surveillance video of an Imo's manager getting shot during an armed robbery. The masked gunmen are still on the run, and detectives hope this video will help lead to their arrest.

The manager and several employees were in the Imo's on Airport Road last Sunday night when a masked gunman wearing a pink hat came through a service door with a rifle.

The manager followed the man and seconds later you hear gun shots ring out.

A second masked gunman, seen wearing a white and red St. Louis Cardinals hat then shoots the manager.

Several employees run out the service door, with one person coming across the second gunman before he entered.

In the seconds it takes for the shooting to happen, you see more employees leave the building, then the two masked men.

Surveillance video does show someone getting into a white car and driving off, but it’s not clear if the person or vehicle is connected to the crime.

While an employee is seen running out into the street trying to flag down help the injured manager was able to call 911.

If you have any information about the suspects in this crime, please call the Ferguson Police Department at 314-522-3100.