You Paid For It: State Auditor says Wellston needs to trim officials pay

WELLSTON, MO-   The You Paid For It Team grilled officials in a tiny North County city about their pay.

The State Auditor did a return visit that the North County community of Wellston after finding a lot of problems there the first time around

One of the things Nicole Galloway questioned was the pay for Wellston officials. Auditor Galloway says Wellston officials were paid nearly three times more than officials in comparably sized cities. The Auditor says Wellston was operating on a tight budget and it was time for them to consider trimming those salaries.

The council members are paid $625 per month. The mayor makes $20,000 a year.  That's more than officials in Clayton, Webster Groves, and other St. Louis County cities.

Investigator Elliott Davis went to Wellston to question officials about their pay. They told Elliott they're worth every bit of what they're paid.