St. Charles County Council considering ballot measures to ban smoking in businesses

ST. CHARLES, MO - The St. Charles County Council voted to wait on making a decision on a second measure to ban smoking until its next meeting later this month. Monday night's meeting was full of debate and tense moments on the topic.


Now, there's a possibility two ballot measures to ban smoking inside businesses could end up on the November ballot.


Election officials are still in the process of checking more than 30,000 signatures on a petition to put a measure on the ballot that would ban smoking inside all businesses in St. Charles County including the Ameristar Casino.


The first ordinance proposed is a strict ban with no exemptions. The latest proposition would exempt bars and other businesses where customers must be at least 21 years old. Bars and restaurants could also allow smoking in "over 21" ventilated areas that are physically separated from non-smoking sections.