Bus driver to be fired for using private property to turn around on dead end street

ST. LOUIS - A school bus driver is being terminated after home security cameras catch the school bus driving through a yard in St. Louis.

The video, posted by a concerned neighbor on Facebook, clearly shows the First Student bus hop over the curb, and drive at least half the length of the bus onto the lawn, leaving tracks on the grass. It happened twice, once on August 10th and again on August 14th, according to the dates on the surveillance cameras.

“I saw a bus taking this corner and it dawned on me right then, how was there possibly a bus on this one-way street,” said another neighbor, John Raiford.

The street ends at a dead end in the 8400 block of Michigan Avenue in south St. Louis.

Raiford said although the lot is vacant, it's well-maintained, with the property owner mowing the lawn at least once every 10 days.

Chris Kemper, a spokesperson with First Student said the behavior is not in line with the training or principles of the company.

“Clearly this is not the kind of driving that we train our drivers to do,” said Chris Kemper, First Student Spokesperson. “We do not train them to drive through yards or private property in anyway shape or form and this is just not the kind of safe reliable transportation that we strive for all the time.

According to Kemper, there were no children on the bus at the time. The driver was practicing the route before school started and possibly made a wrong turn down the dead-end street. Kemper said drivers are trained to reverse out of the street to turn around- not use someone's yard.

First Student is still investigating the specifics of the incidents and is in the process of terminating the driver.

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