New scam targets victims with threats to release ‘dark secrets’

FRONTENAC, Mo. – Thieves continue to evolve their methods of scamming or stealing from an unsuspecting public.

On Tuesday, Frontenac police issued a warning about a would-be scammer’s plot. In this instance, the crook contacts their intended victim with a four-page letter and says they have information on unspecified “dark secrets” and threatens to release said secrets to family and friends, unless the victim pays the crook using the online currency Bitcoin.

The thief even includes instructions on how the victim can send them the Bitcoin payment.

Police said if you ever get one of these types of letters, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Read the full statement from the Frontenac Police Department:

“There is a new scam going around wherein an anonymous thief writes to a man at his home and tells him that he has information about some dark secret he is keeping – and demands money in Bitcoin for keeping his silence. We have had several residents contact us to report this scam. Luckily, no one has fallen for the 4-page letter that uses innuendo and threats to contact family members and friends with unspecified information – unless the victim sends them money via Bitcoin. The thief also conveniently provides 2-page of instructions that shows the victim how to send the Bitcoin payment.

“Do not fall for these tactics! Thieves are getting very creative in trying to separate us from our money. They may send out thousands of such letters, and all it takes is for a few people to fall for it and they’ve made their payday. If you are ever in doubt of a suspicious letter, please contact your Police Department and discuss it with an experienced officer. Our 24/7 non-emergency line is 314-737-4600.”

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