Grieving mother asks witnesses to step-up to solve son’s murder

ST. LOUIS – It’s been nearly two years since immigrant parents who came to America to escape their war-torn homeland had their hearts broken at a south St. Louis gas station. Their son, 29-year-old Erol Cizmo was murdered at that gas station.

There’s been little coming from police on the search for the killer for well over a year, according to Cizmo’s mother, Mara.

“I understand police are so overwhelmed. I understand they have so many things; everything something happens. Maybe it’s just another case for them, but that’s the only child we have,” she said.

She and her husband came to St. Louis with their son in 2002.

Erol was shot in the head at close range as he sat in his car at the gas station around 2 a.m. at South Broadway and Mt. Pleasant, just off of Interstate 55, they said. He died later that day.

The gas station has since closed and the investigation has seemed to go cold, though police initially told Erol’s parents there were multiple witnesses who knew the killer and saw his white Ford Taurus.

Police told them there was a good chance he would be caught quickly, but witnesses then refused to come forward, fearing retaliation, she said. Police investigators even stopped returning her calls.

“[Erol] was a good child. He’s got a good heart. I just can’t believe someone can kill somebody and just walk on the street like that, just walking free. We just want truth and justice for our child. That’s all we want,” Mara Cizmo said. “If anyone knows anything about it, I just want them to come forward and say something.”

She and her husband plan to add to the $5,000 reward from CrimeStoppers.

Detectives have responded to the family when there were updates in the investigation, police said. But Mara claims they’ve only started to respond after she recently filed a complaint with the department’s internal affairs division.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS. You don’t have to leave your name to get the reward.