SLU president goes on hilarious rant over stolen golf carts

ST. LOUIS - St. Louis University President Fred Pestello has turned to YouTube to discourage campus golf cart thefts. Students love it.

Golf cart charger in hand, Pestello goes on a minute-long march and rant in the video.

“Our golf carts are going missing. Not just one ... four! Four golf carts are missing,” he said. “The SLU squirrels as my witness, we will put an end to golf cart gate!”

The video is short on some details, like “when” and “how” the thefts have occurred. The carts, which do require keys, were left out in the open around campus, often parked near the electric charging stations.

“I thought [the video] was hilarious,” said SLU sophomore Olivia Crabtree. “I thought it was a great way to address what was going on on campus and show he was aware it was going on and that he was doing stuff to try to stop it but also making it in a way that kind of connected with us.”

Anyone with information should call SLU Public Safety at 314-977-3000.