Rescued bobcat on road to recovery at St. Louis-area facility


BLACK JACK, Mo. – A baby bobcat found in eastern Missouri and being nursed back to health might be mistaken for an ornery feral cat _ until you hear her roar.

The animal was found in July outside the YMCA in Potosi, scrawny and with her mother nowhere around. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Missouri Department of Conservation trapped her and took her to a St. Louis County facility run by the Bi-State Wildlife Hotline of Missouri and Illinois.

Though she weighs just 7 pounds and is 3 months old, she makes noises that group founder Angel Wintrode compares to a “full-grown lion.”

The animal growls, hisses, bares her teeth and arches her back. Caretakers say that’s a good thing _ they don’t want the bobcat to get comfortable around people.