More St. Louisans stranded in Las Vegas after Frontier Airlines cancels flight

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ST. LOUIS - It’s happened again.  A red-eye flight from Las Vegas to St. Louis was canceled leaving some frustrated Frontier Airline passengers stranded.  Some of them had just watched our report from the previous weekend when that red-eye was canceled.

“We literally watched the news prior to this and I said that there’s no way this airline would do this twice,” said stranded passenger William Stuerman.  “I talked my brother into going ahead and booking these tickets.”

Passengers told Fox 2 they were given the option of a refund and $500 in Frontier travel vouchers.  Part of the voucher would be emailed within 24 hours and the refund and the rest of the voucher would arrive within 7 days.  The other option was a $400 travel voucher to use on other airlines and a $200 voucher for Frontier.

Frontier said this latest cancellation was, “…due to an extended aircraft out of service event that caused the crew to time out. STL is not a crew base for us so recovery options for the crew are limited. Passengers on this cancellation will get reimbursed for tickets they purchased on other airlines to complete their travel and were given hotels for the evening as well.”

Stuerman said the airline ran out of hotel vouchers.  Passenger David Zimmer said the reimbursement offer was capped at $400 and did not come close to covering the costs of getting home.

Frontier said the airline did not run out of hotel vouchers.

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