Galleria protesters decry move by Richmond Heights to cite demonstrators

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, MO - Standing room only Monday night at what was supposed to be a regular council meeting in Richmond Heights.

The city is filing multiple charges against people who protested at St. Louis Galleria during the Jason Stockley verdict last year.

The hallway and upstairs area at city hall were packed full of people since council chambers were filled to its maximum capacity, where even members of the media were told to step out.

There were at least two to three dozen people who could not get inside the council chambers.

Protestors who spoke said that they were arrested for what they call a peaceful demonstration last September.

According to the group of about 25 demonstrators, they received the summons for their actions last September and November.

During last year’s demonstrations, Fox 2 cameras caught someone throwing a trash can while others were seen pushing a police officer.

Other protestors were seen marching through the mall.

The arrests came in response to the acquittal of the white St. Louis police officer in the shooting death of a black suspect.

About two dozen speakers who took the microphone at the council meeting maintained that aggression by police at the scene was unwarranted.

“I think it’s just egregious that we all came here before and said all this and now all of my friends are being charged and that makes no sense,” said one woman. “I also just want to say that when I left here last time after testifying, an officer made a point to take me aside and say to me ‘Thank you for coming here and saying what you said today.’

The council told the group that everything they heard will be forwarded to the prosecuting attorney for the city.

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