Former South Roxana mayor’s grandsons charged with elderly abuse

SOUTH ROXANA, Ill. - Two South Roxana, Illinois men were charged Tuesday on suspicion of drug possession and elderly abuse after their grandmother, the surviving spouse of a former mayor, had to be removed from a home for safety reasons.

According to Police Chief Bob Coles, officers responded to a report of a heroin overdose around 6:30 a.m. on August 18. The person who overdosed was said to an associate of Brenden and Bryce Reader.

Brenden Reader had an order of protection preventing him from being at the residence. Bryce Reader had been given a trespass warning for returning to the home earlier that day. Chief Coles said Brenden was not at the home when officers arrived.

The home belongs to Deborah Beasley, the Brenden and Bryce's grandmother. She's also the widow of Kenny Beasley, the former four-term mayor of South Roxana, who died in 2016.

Chief Coles said Deborah Beasley was removed from the home for safety concerns, the poor condition of the residence, and to protect her from her grandchildren.

Later that night, South Roxana officers performed a check on the home and found both Brenden and Bryce inside the residence. They were taken into custody without incident.

Investigators learned the pair had failed to provide food and nourishment to their grandmother on multiple occasions and had allowed her home to become an unsafe and unhealthy environment.

Brenden Reader was charged with violating an order of protection, unlawful possession of a controlled substance, and criminal abuse or neglect of an elderly person.

Bryce Reader was charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance and criminal abuse or neglect of an elderly person.