You Paid For It gets towing charges lowered for man whose vehicle was stolen

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ST. LOUIS - The You Paid For It Team comes to the aid of a victim whose van was stolen and recovered by police.

It was towed to a North County tow lot which also serves as a police impound lot for the North County Police Cooperative based in the City of Vinita Park.

The owner of the van says he was told when the van was found, he could come to get it after fingerprints were taken off the van to try to help police catch the thief.

He says by the time he was given the all clear to get his van, the tow charges had accumulated and he was told that between the tow and the daily storage charges his bill would be $445 to get his vehicle back.

Police told me they have no control over the fees charged by the towing company.

So, I went to the tow company. They agreed to drop the charges from $445 to $150.

But You Paid For It wanted to make sure the same thing didn't happen to the next victim of a car theft.

I went to talk to Vinita Park Mayor James McGee whose city runs the North County Police Cooperative.

He said he would sit down with his police commanders and the towing company to come up with a new policy for victims of car theft whose vehicles are taken to the impound lot run by the towing company.

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