Despite the heat, St. Louisans get out to enjoy summer

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ST. LOUIS – Heat and humidity across St. Louis have us under an excessive heat warning.

Step-by-step climbers feel the hot air rising inside the Compton Hill Water Tower.

"It was really hot going up there and of course it’s a work out with 198 stairs,” says Katelynn Kamper.

But with open windows at the top and a breeze coming through it’s one of the most picturesque places in St. Louis to catch the sunset despite the excessive heat warning.

“I landed today, and it was so humid," says Ben Vince.

It wasn't the best day for moving into a new apartment.

“Oh, it’s a lot. I was actually upstairs not watching my phone and my parents were outside waiting for me for like 15 minutes, so they were so mad when I finally got outside but we got past it. We’re good now but there’s a lot of sweat involved,” jokes Vince.

This kind of heat can even cause problems for our four-legged friends.

“They said it’s free for a cup as long as it’s for your dog and so he’s been drinking that,” explains Max Werner.

Humans at the Festival of Nations found their own ways to stay cool.

“Ice cones. Ice cones. Love ice cones,” exclaims Cayden Ross.

“It’s been a little hot but after eating we cool down some so it’s been pretty good," says Myisha McGee.

Medics at the Festival of Nations tell Fox 2 they had four heat-related calls within the last two days. One of those people was a performer who overheated in their costume.

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